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We stop water leaks!!!

Whether you have a large building or a small residential property, the wet weather we have been experiencing has been presenting some problems for you or someone you know.

We have over 17 years of experience stopping water leaks in residential and commercial foundations, water tanks, elevator pits, underground vaults etc.

We perform work for owners, engineers and contractors.

Attention to Quality

Special Breaks LLC is a great little company that knows paying close attention to the quality of materials and procedures we use will assure our clients the best result when they have a specification to be performed or a problem to be solved.

In addition to experience injecting to stop water, we have epoxy injection experience on bridges, parking garages, homes etc.

Special Breaks LLC can inject paste epoxies as well as lower viscosity epoxies.  This can be advantageous when performing overhead injection to repair slabs from the underside.

We have cementitious grouting experience on dams, under slabs in residences and factories.

When you have cracked concrete to be repaired, call Special Breaks LLC.





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